cleaning a carpet by a professional

Carpet Cleaning Services

Excellence in Cleaning

Our unique, state of the art carpet cleaning process allows us to get your carpet looking and smelling as good as new. We only use safe, non-toxic products, and our carpet cleaning specialists will deep-clean your carpets to remove stains, odours and spots. Take a look at our step-by-step process below.

Environmentally friendly


Vacuuming using our High-Filtration Cleaning System

The very first stage of our process is to vacuum the entire area of carpet that needs to be cleaned using our high filtration vacuum, specifically designed for high performance cleaning.


Furniture re-arrangement

All furniture, including tables, chairs and settees, will be moved and relocated away from the carpet to be cleaned. You may wish to move high-value ornaments yourself before we arrive.


Carpet pre-spotting for stain removal

Our carpet cleaning specialist will then identify areas of your carpet that may require extra cleaning. These areas will be pre-spotted to help remove the toughest of stains and spills.


Heavy-duty pre-spray

The next stage is to lift up stains, odours and dirt from out of the carpet fibres where they are able to be extracted. This is achieved by applying our heavy-duty pre-spray solution.

High Temperature

Hot water extraction unit

Your carpet is then treated using our high pressure hot water extraction unit. High temperature water is applied directly to the carpet fibres to break up dirt and a vacuum system is used to draw this dirt to the surface and remove it.


Residue Rinsing

Our machine is then used to rinse the carpet ensuring it is left residue free. This will help prevent future re-soiling.

Foil Tabs

Protective foil tabs on furniture

Any furniture will be moved back into its original position and protection foil tabs will be placed under furniture legs. This will prevent any moisture left in the carpet from absorbing colour-finished furniture which could potentially leave a stain that is very difficult to remove.


Fringe work and finishing

A grooming rake will be applied over your carpet where appropriate to help remove any tangles in the carpet fibres, returning your carpet back to its former glory.


Carpet protector

If you want to ensure your carpet stays cleaner for longer, carpet protector is for you. It makes regular cleaning easier and helps protect against stains and spills. This should be re-applied every 12 - 18 months. This is not included in our Clean Only package.


Drying your carpet

Our specialist carpet drying machinery will be applied to dry your carpet much faster than letting it dry naturally, thus not putting you at the inconvenience of not being able to use the room.

We have created 3 different carpet cleaning packages to suit your every need. Simply choose your package from the options below and contact us by either calling us on 01926 614 781 or by filling in our contact form, and we will quote you our fully inclusive price that contains no hidden or extra costs.

1. Clean Only

This package is especially for customers who want a first-class service using our step-by-step process outline above and is designed to clean the whole of your carpet, including removing and replacing furniture.

You should choose this package if you are looking for a thorough clean and to remove any stains and spills on your carpets.

2. Clean and Protect

This package includes all the benefits of our Clean Only package, but also includes an application of our anti-stain Carpet Protector. This allows you to tailor your cleaning package to address your specific concerns and to target certain areas.

Our Carpet Protector not only helps to protect against stains and spills, it also helps your carpet stay cleaner and smell fresher for longer.

3. Maintenance Plan

Not only will you receive the Clean and Protect treatment on your carpets every 12 months, we will also provide you with an additional free Hi-lite cleaning service every six months.

A bottle of spotter is provided after your initial clean to help clean stains and spills from any accidents, and if that isn't enough we even provide completely free stain removal emergency visits whilst you are a member of our maintenance plan.