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Rug Cleaning Services

Excellence in Cleaning

Our rug cleaning specialists are expertly trained to clean all types of rugs. This includes oriental and modern rugs, and covers a whole range of different colours and fabrics. As with our carpet cleaning, we only use environmentally friendly, non-toxic products to remove stains, odours and dirt from your rugs. Take a look at our step-by-step process below.

Environmentally friendly


Inspecting the rug before washing

Rugs come in all colours and materials, hence it is essential that we choose the right method of cleaning for your rug. Dyes are tested for colourfastness and if necessary the rug is prepared by setting the dyes, and each rug is inspected for any pre-existing conditions.


Dusting the rug

Rugs made of certain fibres can hold a tremendous amount of dirt and dust, and if the rug is treated before this is removed it can turn to mud! We therefore dust your rug using our harmonic vibrating system machine which can actually reduce the weight of the rug by half, and reduces the risk of your rug wearing out prematurely.


De-contamination Bath

The purpose of the de-contamination bath is to remove any odours from the rug, such as pet urine, mould and mildew, or insect infestations. Please be aware it may be difficult to remove all odours from rugs with latex backings.


Shampoo and Wash

The rug will be given a shampoo bath using cold water, and soft brushes will be used to remove any surface soil. The length of time your rug is submerged will depend on how much soil needs to be rinsed from your rugs fibres.


Residue rinse

Dirt will be then be removed from your rug using our rinsing process. We utilise water at a gentle flow rate to remove any residue on your rug from the cleaning process.


Rug protector (optional)

Our rug protector is then applied to create a barrier for the rug fibres to prevent re-soiling and staining. This allows you easily to mop up any future spillages.


Drying the rug

Our specialist cleaners are able to dry the rug using air driers at a low temperature to prevent the rug from shrinking. Please be aware that the first time a rug is cleaned it is common for it to shrink slightly (by less than an inch), however this is common with all cotton and wool materials, not just rugs.


Fringe work and finishing

After the bathing process rug fringes are washed an additional time, and then dried using the techniques above. The rug is then finished by grooming it with a brush.

If you are looking to take advantage of our rug cleaning service call us now on 01926 614 781 or fill in our contact form. We provide a no obligation audit for cleaning your rug, including a quote that contains no hidden or extra costs.

Rest assured, your rugs will be safely wrapped to ensure it is kept both clean and safe whilst in transit. We also deliver the rug back directly to your home and unwrap it for you.