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Cleaning pet stains from carpets, couches, and floors is a taxing process to complete frequently, especially if you love animals and have only recently begun training your pet to use the bathroom. Being a pet owner, you must be aware of how challenging it may be to remove pet odours and stains from carpets made of fabric.

Drool, pet urine, vomit, and excrement can occasionally dry up and become very challenging to clean up. While hiring a professional carpet cleaner would cost slightly extra than hiring an actual carpet cleaner, but you will some effort and time if you hire a company like us to do it instead.

How To Get Rid of Simple Stains and Odours

Thank goodness, there is a simple, inexpensive way to effectively remove pet stains and odours from carpets. Finding the ideal solution for your needs might be challenging due to the variety of options available. We could help you with some advice on how to effectively remove pet stains from carpet as well as just some simple carpet cleaning tips.

Train your pet to stay clean and take it outside

From the very beginning, you should teach your adorable pet to follow the rules of your home and not make a mess in the house, discipline is key and you don't want any bad habits. Therefore, the more responsible you can be, the more likely it is that your pet will understand that carpets are not the place to leave a mess of any sort.

  • For puppies: You should take the puppies out frequently because they can't contain their urine for more than 30 or 60 minutes at most while they're young.
  • For cat lovers: Just a small shove in the direction of the sandbox should serve as a hint. Cats typically have a natural preference for soil or sand. Try digging a hole with your finger if the cat is not too bright and incapable of understanding what is the right thing to do.

Make sure there is a clear separation between your home and the outside if you want to keep the carpet clean and have no need for a professional carpet cleaner like ourselves. For the dogs, you can put in a tile gateway that allows for the removal of debris like pebbles, dirt, and leaves. By doing this, you can reduce how often you need to clean your carpet.

Wherever your pet like to spend the majority of their time, you can also use little carpets, mats, old rugs, or runners. As a result, you can reduce your exposure to pet fur and other aspects that can leave your expensive carpet needing a good clean. Pet mats are a fantastic option and can help with the cleaning up process.

After you have been out and it is time to go home, no entering, it can be good advice to have a spray bottle and some water nearby along with an old towel or cloth to clean those muddy paws and wet fur if they have been enjoying the rain or a river nearby. With time, the animals will come to realise that wiping their paws is all part of the ritual of going a very enjoyable walk.

If you would like to know more about how to clean up after your pets, then please read our Top Five Tips.

The best way to clean your carpets is to contact a trustworthy carpet cleaning business like us. By leaving the job in the hands of the experts, all of the stress will be removed, and you can be left to enjoy the rest of your day. So why not give us a call on 01926 614 781, we would love to hear from you and give you a no obligation quotation.

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