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Carpets Cleaned by Professionals

It probably goes without saying that keeping your business premises clean and tidy is important for both your staff and your clients.

But there are different levels of cleanliness. A daily clean deals with surface dirt and the removal of general rubbish – but a regular deep clean can lift the appearance of your furnishings so they become like new again.

A clean and tidy office reflects your standards and ethics; this has long formed part of essential policy for successful businesses around the world.

Cleaning Carpets The Right Way

Staff working in a clean environment are happier and healthier, while business partners and potential clients are left with a good impression when they visit.

Carpet is a perfect flooring surface for an office or workspace. A carpeted office can add warmth, comfort and noise/thermal insulation; in addition, it can enhance the décor with a variety of colours and patterns available. Carpet is also resilient enough to withstand a lot of ‘foot traffic’.


1. A Sizeable Job: Because of the amount of foot traffic in a workspace the carpets will need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, bacteria and stains. Vacuuming and daily maintenance will only go so far. All furniture will need to be moved before the carpets can then be cleaned in several stages. This is a large, demanding and tiring undertaking - a specialist job which is best left to the professionals. .

2. More Economical: A professional cleaning company can take care of your carpets better than in-house cleaners. This is because they have specialist knowledge that takes years to acquire, along with the most up-to-date knowledge of the industry. They also have specialist equipment that can be expensive to buy.
Cost-wise it will be cheaper to use a company, than to hire full or part-time in-house cleaners (and train them) to do this job, in addition to purchasing/or hiring all the specialist equipment required. Most cleaning companies will offer an out of hours service – so that the cleaning (which can be noisy and distracting) will take place after the employees have left for the day.

3. Extend your Carpet’s Lifespan: A carpet, without regular deep cleaning, will soon become damaged - by stains sitting on the surface and dirt being ground into the fibres. It is also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. And because carpets are expensive to replace, it makes much more sense from a business (and environmental) perspective to take good care of the one that you have.

4. Give a Good Impression to Potential and Current Clients: Regular professional cleaning will keep your carpet looking and smelling like new – providing the essential good impression that you desire. On the other hand, a dirty or stained carpet can have a detrimental effect on how customers view you. Make sure that you are giving the best possible impression of your business.

5. Happy Employees: As well as looking unsightly, a dirty carpet can house allergens, bacteria and dust mites that may cause health issues. In severe cases this can lead to absenteeism. A clean, fresh environment has been proven to increase staff productivity. Keeping your workspace clean is an effective way of keeping your employees motivated; and in turn, making your business more successful.

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