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A few tips on removing stains can always come in handy. When you suddenly notice a stain on your coffee table, carpet or rug and have no idea how it got there, you need to know how to remove it successfully.

We have probably all have left a stain on a wooden table after leaving a cup of tea or coffee there or less likely just as annoying to have watered a plant while it sat on the carpet and then noticed it had leaked to leave a stain.

Pets and children can also be some of the main culprits when it comes to stains because of their active lives, but there is one tip we can give you that tops them all and that is to remove the stain immediately and as fast as possible, while it is still wet and fresh. All stains are less problematic when they are new, whether they be from food, animals, drinks, etc. and on this page we have some great tips for removing stains, even those old stubborn ones.

Smart Cleaning Tips

Act Fast: It can be quite easy to remove a stain when it is still fresh, so you need to act quickly. If the stain is on a non-washable fabric, then a trip to the dry cleaners maybe necessary, but as quickly as possible and let them know what the stain is and where to find it, so it can be treated as soon as possible.

Coffee Stains: I do love a coffee in the morning, but the stain from a spillage can be difficult to remove. First, soak the coffee stain in some cold water, then add a little dishwashing liquid, just dab the affected area and rinse of with water and leave to dry.

Chocolate: After you have removed as much chocolate as possible by scraping or blotting, then just add soda water to the stain or maybe even milk.

Lipstick: A little Vaseline can be useful to remove this sort of stain.

Chewing Gum: Scrape as much of as you can, then brush egg white onto it for example with an old toothbrush and leave for at least 15 minutes and then wash as normal.

Stickers: Old stickers that have been put onto surfaces such as wood, glass and plastic can be a pain to remove properly, so soak the area with vegetable oil and leave for a few minutes, then rub it off with a cloth.

Ink: For clothes when you have an ink stain, why not try some rubbing alcohol to try and remove it. Bleach for stains on a wall works well.

Collars: Try rubbing a little shampoo on a stained collar and then place in the washing machine as usual.

Carpets: We are the experts when it comes to carpet stains, but a quick fix can be to use some baby wipes and see if that works, if not then give us a call and we will sort it for you.

Plastic Containers: Pasta sauce can stain your food containers and leave you thinking you may need to bin them, why not try rubbing a mixture of water and baking soda into the stain.

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